Beautiful Surprise!

One of the days last week I was having a bad day. That was until I returned home because little did I know there was a surprise waiting!

It was a package from VanityTrove! And a real beautiful too! Man I love packages, who doesn't?

My mood lifted instantly and I was so excited to see what's inside. Let's have a look shall we?

Oolala look at all that goodies! Mad love.

Apparently, the VanityTrove box has different themes every month and for March, the theme is 'Temptress'.

A simple catalogue describing some of the main stars of the month.

The contents of VanityTrove March Box are:

I personally can't wait to try out Lunasol products from Kanebo, and also the cute little jar of Asian Potions. There are also many other little goodies and vouchers in the box as you can see above.

The idea of having monthly surprise boxes is not something new in Malaysia and it's not something old either. I was first exposed to this concept last year and I think that it's brilliant! Instead of buying full-size products only to regret the purchase later, surprise boxes give you various products to try out in mini sizes. Using this method, I can test the products to see if I really like it before I buy them blindly.

This is also a good alternative for getting samples from the stores. Who's not tired of sales assistants breathing down your neck as you're trying the products? With this, not only I get to try many products but also try them in the comfort of my own home and at my own pace, really savoring the experience.

Also not forgetting the element of surprise! Who knows what the next box will contain?

Here's how you can get your own beautiful surprises:

That's right! At VanityTrove, you can also interact with other members and read reviews. There are also occasional event invites for members!

Every girl loves a good pampering. Have you pampered yourself this month? ;)


  1. Oh wow~ Look at all the amazing goodies<3 Keep us updated or even a review! Very interested<3


  2. Hi EV!

    I'll update again next month when I get the April box. Thanks! <3


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