Langkawi 2013

Stuffs I did in Langkawi:

- Rode a horse through the jungle (and fed mosquitos too while I was at it)
- Drove a motorboat at 65km/h which probably isn't that fast on road but on the ocean, it was way exciting
- Got a massage and a manicure at a dodgy parlor
- Ruined my newly done manicure right after because I fell asleep
- Ordered beer voluntarily because it's cheaper than my usual coffee or fruit juice
- Got excited over "Homemade Coconut Jam" only to realize that it's really just "Kaya"

Other stuffs include frolicking on the beach.

Which is a lie because the weather was too damn hot for me to do any frolicking on the beach. The beach looks really pretty in this picture does it not? But it is also a lie because I increased the saturation to make it that way.

Okay now really, I also went for the cable car ride which was equally hot but at least the higher altitude gave me a feel of cold breeze.

I still get scared sometimes on the cable car (if you haven't figured, I'm afraid of heights) but most of the time I managed to maintain my macho-ness by keeping a straight face.

Some pretty scenery from the top. Also increased the saturation so also kind of cheat but it was really stunning in reality.

Ah yes, this is probably the happiest moment I had in Langkawi because I'm really really a horse person. And a dog person. And a cat person.

I like horses so much that I didn't mind sacrificing my blood to the mosquitoes throughout my 30 minute ride in the forest.

Most of the time my mind was too occupied imagining that I'm riding through elvish forests like Lothlorien and dark ones like Mirkwood with my fellow imaginary adventurers. My bow and quiver are on my back, arrows ever ready to be released at the slightest sound of Orcs' steps.

Okay. This is getting way too far. I should go.


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