I'm excited?

Because my birthday's tomorrow! And I'm throwing a party after years of not celebrating my birthday! Actually no, it was supposed to be a surprise party for me but I found out anyway and demanded to be included in the planning so yeah. I'm turning 21!

And I'm stressed! Because I don't handle stuffs like this well! I breakdown! I freak out! And I use exclamation mark in every sentence when I write! Or speak!

But for the sake of composing a readable post I shall control my fingers. 

Since we're talking about throwing birthday parties, let me tell you a tale from my past. Back in primary one, there was a time I wanted a birthday party so bad even though my birthday was no where close. So I faked one! I made handwritten invitations and gave it to about 6 close friends of mine. Those invitations read:

You are invited to my birthday party!

Date: (some date that is definitely not my birthday)
Place: Bicycle shed (bicycle shed in my primary school)
Time: Recess time (it was a school day)

p/s: Bring presents!

What do you know. They all turned up! With presents! Yay!! A very happy unbirthday to me! To me! There were no food at my "birthday party" except some Choki-Choki and other junk food I bought before school. But I did give my party guests party favors! I cleverly wrapped some of the story books and stationaries I had but didn't liked them enough to use them and handed them out as gifts hahaha. 

I was a weird child. 

Tomorrow is really my birthday though.


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