My 21st Birthday Party

I love my birthday cake! It's the prettiest cake I've gotten though not the tastiest. But hey, it's pretty! It would've been better if I get a Howl Moving's Castle as my cake instead (I love Ghibli but Totoro's not in my top 3). 

Like this one! (source)  It would have meant so much more to me.

But the boyfriend actually ordered the cake a day before so it's awesome enough (for a one day job)! Reason why he ordered it so late was because he initially wanted to get me a Nadeje mille crepe cake but I went like, "NO! I don't want a tasty birthday cake I want a pretty one." like a spoilt brat so there.

This cake is 3 kg and inside it was chocolate fudge. LOTS OF CHOCOLATE FUDGE. I ended up having it for my breakfast every day for an entire week and bringing boxes of them to be distributed in college.

For those who are not into cakes, here are some pictures of other food during the party (some of them still cakes):

Yeah, I only took pictures of the desserts and small items because I'm bias like that. In fact I didn't eat any of the main course that night and filled my stomach up with sweets instead.

Without this woman, there wouldn't be any birthday celebrations for me. Thank you mumi!

And without this woman (on the left), there wouldn't be my mumi or me. Thank you grandmumi! And on the right is my godmumi whom I also love dearly.

Here's my handsome daddy!

Alright let's move on before this turn into a sappy appreciation post. The party was a very private, small and homey one. In fact, I didn't invite anyone because it was all done by the planners when the party was still kept a secret. Only managed to invite a few that so happened to be in touch with a day before the party.

My sexy ladies Aya and Crystal

We wandered off to the poolside for some pictures with the greens.

My simple OOTN! Opted for something that I could be comfortable in and something young because hey I'm only 21! 

Couples of the night with matching outfits.

Random picture of me threatening people with my fist. I kid. Don't remember what happened.

Bryan auditioning for Colgate commercial.

Howard took over the DJ console for the night. The original DJ disappeared somewhere. (ーー;)

Hahahahaha DJ Bryan and DJ Aya in the house yo.

Maybe I was trying to levitate, I don't know.

Here comes some pre-pictures with the cake.

Totoro wasn't looking at the camera. (ーー;) So uncooperative.

4 girls 1 cake.

You know, I can't believe they used my screen name on the cake -.- Really?! Okay here's the origin of the extra 'e' on my name. When I play games or create online accounts, I prefer using my real name but what do you know, I'm not the only shinyee in this world. So out of frustration I typed one extra 'e' behind (I don't like usernames with numbers) and since then it stuck. There! That is how the screen name came about and not because I like people to go "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" when they address me.

Fooling around with my cake and no I didn't eat the lollipop afterwards.

I insisted on having helium balloons at my party.

It was a brilliant idea because we were all singing like a choir of chipmunks some time into the party.

Everybody loves helium balloons!

They're great as picture props too!

The man who made everything possible. He's the one who threw me this party and is the sole funder. Thanks for making my 21st a special one.


The macho men Kai Jin and Anthony. (both share a common favorite color, maroon, I think)

Brandon and his spouse Karmen as pointed out by his shirt. Don't worry we won't give him any beer. 

Anthony and I doing the.. guess what.

It's time for a birthday song! Or songs. They sang me every version available, in 5 languages.

Birthday girl is happy.

With the family.

The boy.

The friends.

The boys.

Ernest and I pointing at different cameras. Also, I'm not sure who are the photobombers in this picture.

Guys just can't camwhore well.

Ernie insisted on a bunch of balloons in the picture. What did I tell you about ballons being great props?

And a last one with the boys.

Thank you to everyone who was present that night (including those who are not in the pictures above) and made my 21st a memorable one. I can't list every name here but thanks for all the wishes on social medias and phone. Thank you too to those who remembered, including those overseas that are still very dear to me. I wish you all well.

Yes, I'm officially 21.


This isn't the last of my birthday updates! There is more, just not today. This post is already long enough and is overflowing with pictures. I'm getting very impatient composing this. Hehe. Till next time.


  1. Great Party!
    Have a great 21st...

  2. Can i know where is the venue?

  3. Hi Sharon,

    It's at Verve Suites ya ;)

  4. Hi, may i know where you get the helium balloons?

    1. You can get them at party shops like Balloon Buzz :)


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