Soaking my troubles away

Some people drink, some dance and some punch.
Me? I immerse myself in bubbles until I turn into a human size prune.

The sound of water, the feeling of warmth, Moroccan rose scented bubbles, a good book and some floaty songs. These are the things that prevent me from going crazy. In fact, the water element itself has a soothing effect on me. 

The tub is my refuge.

I feel safe. Protected. Non-existent. It's like, for that hour, I was just out of this world.

I'm definitely not the only one.

If I were to try explain this scientifically, I'd say its because being in water is like being in the womb. Sound, safe, loved.

That's what everyone wants in times of frustration and despair, no? Some good loving and reassurance, especially from family. I miss my 'rents. I know I'm loved by them but knowing it and being reminded of it by daily actions are not the same.

So why don't I get out of the tub and go home? Thinking and writing, that I can. Actually doing and showing it, that's another thing. Same applies to all the other aspects in life. Do people understand my intentions? Do they know anything?

Because the walls around me are just too damn thick.

So, back to the tub.


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