Surprise! You're legal!

Aye I turned 21.

The night before my birthday I received a surprise at home! Here's how it went down. I was home alone when the boyfriend called me to go downstairs. 

First excuse:
Boyfriend: My access card got problem, can you please come down and open the door for me? I'm stuck outside.
Me: Just ask the guard to open for you la.

So he changed excuse. Second one:
Boyfriend: I have a lot of things to take. Come and help me carry.
Me: Just use the trolley la.


I was expecting a surprise downstairs, thinking maybe my friends are there or something. But no. There was nothing downstairs besides my boyfriend. So I disregarded the whole fishy smelling business until when we reached upstairs and I turned the doorknob.


I freaked out. My first thought was some supernatural stuffs going on or perhaps a burglar was in there! When I calmed down 5 seconds later only then my brain tells me, "Be prepared to be surprised!"

What do you know.

Sur.. Happy.. prise.. Birthday! (Awkward moment when you didn't plan beforehand to yell "Surprise" or "Happy Birthday")

My lovely friends! 

My lovely fellows hiding at the staircase next to my home, waiting very patiently while the boyfriend was convincing me to go down (and that took longer than expected).

I didn't lock the door when I went down (the keys are with the boyfriend) so after they heard the lift took me down, they went in and set up. They can confirm that it's me because I wear an anklet that goes "ring, ring, ring" when I walk.

So yes, thanks for the cake (it was delicious) and for making the effort to come all the way just to see me looking surprised in my auntie look. Thank goodness for the birthday shades for hiding my sleepy eyes. I love you all!

\(⁀ᗢ⁀)/ \(⁀ᗢ⁀)/


The next day was a busy one for the boyfriend especially because there were so many errands to run and matters to settle before the party. We were also playing luck with the weather because a downpour would mean a change of venue.

Before all that, a peaceful brunch.

Sneak peek of some of the desserts for the party:

They're from Xiao by Crustz and they tasted awesome, especially the chocolate macarons!

That's all for now. Party update next.


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