My Birthday (again!): Gifts

I just finished reading The Host and actually had fun reading it. Was doubtful at first because it's Stephenie Meyer's work and I would never have bought it myself. So thanks the bro Kai Jin and Amanda for buying it for me as my birthday gift along with some other books. Funny is how they wanted to keep the gifts a surprise but made it so obvious at the same time.

In the end they gave me 3 books but I already have one of them so I accepted only The Host and another by Murakami. Thank you! Glad you guys finally took the "I love reading" part seriously.

Some other gifts that I received for my birthday:

A cup with my face smacked on it. Hahahaha so the narcissist me can look at my own face when I'm having my morning coffee.

From the bestie Ernie, I think this is like the third bottle of perfume I've gotten from him. I still stink eh buddy?

From the family, in addition to the angpows, a pretty petit pearl necklace.

Oh and trust my birth brother to give me a... mouth spray on my birthday.

From my darling Jesmine.

Because one make up palette is never enough, so she gave me 4! Yay! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Thank you for the thoughtfulness and effort put into getting me gifts, dear friends. I appreciate them!

Here are some extra pictures from my birthday, from Crystal's camera except the last one which is from Ernest's:

Okay now I'm finally done with my birthday posts. Took me a month to achieve this. I should receive another gift for my art of procrastination.


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