All About Eyes

Eyes are the window to the soul am I right? Explains why I spend the most time on my eye makeup as compared to the rest of my face.

And of course, my contact lenses! I've been short sighted since 2003 and glasses/contact lenses have been my friends since then. In fact, I wear them almost all the time I doubt you're able to find a photo of me without glasses or contact lenses (you may try, maybe I'll reward you when you find one).

So which brand do I use for my contact lenses? Frankly, I've tried almost every brand out there in the market. When buying lenses, I stick to monthly or tri-monthly disposables and I always go for brown or grey at most. Also I only go for 14-15mm because they're more comfortable for me.

The brand I was wearing in the pictures above is Geo Magic Color in brown. First time trying this range and it's working out fine so far.

Where did I buy them? From home. No really! Why drive out to an optical shop when you can just do it in the comfort of your own home?

I ordered mine from which offers the widest selection of eyewear at the best prices. Also, delivery is free if you're staying in Malaysia or Singapore.

I received my order in just a couple of days. Real quick and hassle-free! They have great after-sales service too.

The glasses I'm currently wearing is this one. I didn't get it from Glasses Online but I should have because I could have got it for cheaper there!

So there! Go and check out the products they carry for yourself. You'll be spoiled for choice. Also, if you're going to purchase something there, you can use the code GOshinyee20 to receive RM20 off products RM100 and above. 

Thank me later. Go go go!


Alright darlings, it is the holiday season so here's a PSA for you all. Watch your alcohol and food intake! You don't want to end up with gastritis do you? Party safe and stay healthy!


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