Because my face is "unique"

Shouldn't have drank that 4th cup of coffee. Man. Now I'm just lying on my bed, anxiety filled. I'm writing from the mobile app by the way so I'm not sure how the final product will look like.

So. I was ranting to my BFF today, going all like, "HOW COME I NO MARKET ONE!!!!??" and got this reply, "Because your face ah, not many people will like one." I then punched him in the face. 😡

Hahaha no I didn't but I stomped away for 2 minutes and made him rephrase himself. In the end he settled with, "Because not many know how to appreciate the uniqueness of your face one."

😏 Sounds much better. But it's the same thing. 😅 Make me happy a bit la can? 

There you go, my "under appreciated" face. 😂😂😂

I'm starting to see his point now.

(Just realized that the Emoji's used in this post don't show. Sad already bye.)


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