Namoo On The Park

A comfortable place with interesting bites. One of my preferred place to dine at in Publika. It's right above Wondermilk by the way.

This is a must try, rice burger! Comes in chicken, beef or prawn. The rice is similar to those used in a bibimbap. This is actually the first and only rice burger that I've eaten so I'm not sure how it compares with other rice burgers. It's good enough for me though!

But you know what's even better?

THIS. THIS. THISTHISTHIS!!! SPICY SEAFOOD RAMEN!!! Seriously, if you haven't tried this, YOU'RE MISSING OUT. 

I couldn't resist ordering coffee but unfortunately it was a let down. Coffee wasn't good. I've tried their Cappuccino,  Green Tea Latte and Multi Grain Honey Latte. Nothing to scream about.

And on to desserts! This is a Sweet Potato Cake. Nothing cakey about this actually, it was just sweet potato paste all the way. Pretty good but a bit too much. Very fast "jelak" one. Good for sharing! 

Another dessert I've tried is their Hottuk Pancake. Great for breakfast. It's very different from the conventional pancakes. Definitely not soft and fluffy, it was quite thick and chewy. Cinnamon flavored too. In a way, it's like a healthier kind of pancake but it's not for everyone.

K bye sayonara! (Close enough. I don't speak Korean.) 


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