Infinite Youth is Possible!

Here's July's surprise from Vanity Trove! July was special because instead of a box filled with various brands, I received one filled with only KOSE goodies. 

It is the limited edition KOSE x VanityTrove box that contains products from the INFINITY KOSE Pure Advance line, which is recommended for ladies in their 20s to early 30s and are noticing visible pores, dryness and fine wrinkles.

Which is exactly what I needed! And you'll see why in a bit.

From left: 
Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel - RM 119 (120g)
Pure Advance Clear Up Wash - RM 99 (120g)
Pure Advance Essence Lotion II - RM 169 (160ml)
Pure Advance Serum II - RM 169 (120ml)
Pure Advance Eye Jelly - RM 180 (20g)
Deep Protection UV - RM 118 (30g)

So I've been using this range for the past few weeks and this is how the regime goes:

1) I start off with the Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel. From this picture you can already see my clogged pores, blackheads etc. You know your skin is aging when you see an increase in visible pores. Anyway, this Oil Cleansing Gel effectively removes makeup and dirt from the face, thus unblocking pores for smoother and brighter skin. Just massage gently on face and neck followed by a good rinse with water.

2) I then follow up with Pure Advance Clear Up Wash to remove any excess makeup and sebum from skin (especially after a long day or wild night), leaving behind clearer skin and smaller pores. This wash lathers up nicely and feels really good on the skin.

3) Next, the Pure Advance Essence Lotion II which is like a toner. You can pour it on a piece a cotton and use that to pat into your skin but I normally just use my hands. This Essence Lotion II rejuvenates, hydrates and plumps up tired skin (party-goers must have!) at the same time reduces visibility of open pores caused by dryness.

4) Guess what causes rough skin texture? Dryness and water-oil imbalance in your skin! In this step, I'm using the Pure Advance Serum II which adjusts the balance of natural oils and water content in the skin. Just massage it gently onto your skin and upon application, your skin will appear soft, fluffy and poreless (woohoo!).

5) Finally, to replenish moisture around the eyes, I use the Pure Advance Eye Jelly. Gently pat it around the skin of the eyes with the tip of your ring finger. Remember, skin around our eyes requires extra delicate care and it's one of the first areas to show signs of aging! Also, I must say that this Eye Jelly is my favorite product from the lot because I can really see instantaneous results after application. Eyes look less tired and more radiant!

6) There is also the Deep Protection UV which offers SPF50+/PA++++ protection from the harmful UVA/UVB rays. It protects the skin's translucency and firmness, making fine wrinkles less visible. Great texture too, and easily absorbed into the skin.

Verdict? Pretty awesome stuff! Never to early to start fighting aging. Must take countermeasures before it causes wrinkles and sagging.

Vanity Trove's July Edition is a complete facial regime in a box! That was fun. Also, Vanity Trove has full sized beauty goodies to be won every month. To win, head on down to Vanity Trove, fill up your Beauty Profile and add any products to your Wishlist.

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