I am Hardwell 2013 @ Singapore

Hardwell @ Singapore, 20/09

 This is one that I've been looking forward to all month! Bought them passes and air tickets early early already. Went there with Eric and John but we split up for a bit during the day. So after a really short nap at my aunt's place, I went exploring the area for a bit.

A food court near my aunt's place where I wanted to have my lunch at initially but I chickened out.

MRT. So proud of myself for being able to travel around in this alone, without getting lost too!

Had this for lunch in a mall. Also walked around for a bit to shop for contact lens and makeup products because I forgot to bring my entire cosmetic box. 

Make up check because I did my make up in the washroom (⌒_⌒;) After that only I realized that I could have just done it in Sephora. 

Pre-party at Studio M, courtesy of Cassandra's friends!

A studio concept hotel, small but cozy place!

Sufficient space to camwhore..

Sufficient space to drink!

Then.. we took a super long walk to Fort Canning. From the map it seemed walkable but we regretted it halfway through. Maybe Singapore isn't that small after all. But look at those two boys running! I don't know where Jeremy and Alex got their energy from.

Hahaha Candie over here making random passerbys drink our vodka mix because we couldn't finish it.

Eric! And yes most of the pictures here are from his camera. (The ones that look camera-ish)

The entourage of the night!


Fort Canning is a really small place. The event would have been even more epic if it was held in Sepang. I mean, hello!?? It's HARDWELL!! Which is why I'm still very much excited for HARDWELL IN MALAYSIA this coming March!!!!!!!!!!! 

Would you please look at the sea of electronic gadgets?


\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Here's a snippet! Ah man... Let me do it again!!!!! Soon! 

Time seemed to pass really fast. It was over too soon. (ノД`)・゜・。

Glowsticks loaded!

And then it was another long walk back to the hotel. Felt much longer this time because we were all exhausted and had no more Hardwell to look forward to.

Afterwards, it was Butter Factory and this shot was taken after everything has ended, when we were all waiting to head back. 

At this point, this Eric detached himself from the group and went somewhere by himself. His phone ran out of battery. Our flight was in a couple of hours too! So John and I decided to leave him in Singapore and go ahead with our flight first. Hahahaha sounds so mean but what would you have us do right?? We packed up, went to the hotel lobby and guess what we found? A distressed looking Eric with a borrowed charger in his hands. Apparently he couldn't remember the hotel room number and had to borrow a charger from a kind hotel guest in order to revive his phone to call one of us. Hahaha this is what we call 乱水 !! 

All was well in the end, we made it to the airport on time though I totaled my sandals in the process and had to get myself overpriced flip-flops.

Well, that's about it. Hardwell in Singapore trip all in 24 hours. When I got home, I had a good 20 hour sleep because prior to that I've been getting on average only 2 hr sleep a day, for 3 days consecutively. So it's like a sleep debt kind of thing, right? 

Okay bye! Next up, probably another music festival update.

Pretty little Singapore. (I took this shot with my iPhone!)


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