WeChat x Secret Recipe Sweet 16 Promo

Guess who is the latest addition to WeChat's Official Accounts?

Well.. not the desserts and finger foods.. but the lifestyle cafe that is famous for them.

It is none other than Secret Recipe! (@SecretRecipeMY)

In conjunction with this collaboration and also because it's Secret Recipe's Sweet 16 Anniversary (happy anniversary Secret Recipe!), there are several promos that you can enjoy!

First there's the BUY 1 FREE 1 slice of cake deal! Which is freaking awesome because now I can have 2 cakes instead of 1 but.. for the price of 1! What!? More cakes for me?? Yes please!!!

Here's how you qualify for the BUY 1 FREE 1 promo, simply just follow Secret Recipe on WeChat! (ID: SecretRecipeMY) Detailed instructions below:

Simple isn't it? Now who wants to join me for a cake session? No we're not taking one slice each. We having 2 slices each! Also, we can have a Candy-Crushing value meal! Come, let me show you the menu first. (click to enlarge!)

Awesome! So let's celebrate Secret Recipe's 16th Anniversary and also the WeChat collaboration. I don't know about you but I'm definitely stuffing myself with cakes from 16 - 30 November!

Some pictures with bloggers and friends from the WeChat x Secret Recipe blogger gathering. I looked tired because I was tired, had a long long day. So tired I forgot to change my footwear so I was wearing my flipflops the whole time. Heh. 


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