Food Panda Review

The other day, the boyfriend and I were too lazy to go out for food (one of those days). Since going out for food is out of the question, here are the options we had at that time:

- Cook? Knowing us, it'll take hours and we might have to make a run to the grocer to get missing ingredients anyway (the whole point of this is to not go out at all!).
- Instant noodles. And feel guilty for the rest of the night.
-Starve and be angry at each other.

or we could

- Have restaurants come to us.

It was the perfect situation for Food Panda, a food delivery service. So I went online to check out our options (can be accessed via mobile app too). There were 29 restaurants in SS2 that we could order from through Food Panda.

I like how we can easily filter the results (on the left) and how the important details are clearly stated in the preview (delivery fee, payment method etc.).

Looked through the selections and decided to try Puzzini Swedish Pizza for the first time, partly motivated by its high ratings. Order process was straightforward, just select the items that you want (you can keep track using the shopping cart on the upper right) and checkout when you're done.

Shortly after the order was confirmed, I received an e-mail and an SMS to inform me of the expected delivery time and also to recap the order details.

(1 hour later...)

Food is here and we made the payment.

YAAAAAS!!!! Food is served!

After digging in, we returned to our hermit mode of watching series under the blankets. Perfect night! It's okay to not go out if you don't want too but you don't have to compromise taste. So whether you're feeling lazy, have no mode of transportation, or too busy with work in the office... Food Panda will always be there to help!

You can try the service at or download the app! 


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