Know your Ladies Bag!

 There are just too many styles of ladies bags these days. And they are all called differently! What's a tote? What's a envelope clutch? What's a how-do-you-even-pronounce-that

Regardless, finding the right handbag is a matter of personal choice and is really not easy ok. Your bag represents you, your lifestyle, and your sense of style. Keep reading to see which best ladies bag style is just so you.

And for the guys, best to know your bags also ya, to avoid getting scolding from your special lady when she asks you to fetch her that bag. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

Top-handle Satchel.  
(AKA the perfect daily bag if it comes with a shoulder strap.)
This is considered as the most ladylike among all bags. It is very versatile and a great choice for girls who don’t have the time to change their bag often. It seamlessly transitions from day to night or work week to weekend.

 (AKA I'm only going to use this at dinners.)
There will be times when you only need a few essentials to bring, and that is when a clutch is all you need.

Bucket Bag 
 (AKA I won't be able to find my things in here.)
If you have so many things to carry around then opt for this bag. It is most deceptively roomy if you have tons of stuff to tote around. This trendy bag is going to be around, at least for a while, so get one!

Cross-body Bag  
(AKA I only carry at most a phone, compact powder and a card holder with me.)
Keep your hands free and make sure your belongings are safe with this type of bag. Perfect if you are on the go, this style of handbag can go from day to night. 

 (AKA I don't like something banging against my hip or torso, so I opted for this.)
Backpacks are very popular right now. If you don’t want to be called as if you have been living under a rock then get one!


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