Cashback Shopping with ShopBack!

Pretty sure we have all came to terms with our online shopping habit by now. Personally, I prefer online shopping over physical shopping. Why? No driving, looking for parking and carrying shopping bags required. Plus, online shopping gives you parcel excitement and there are often online deals available! So I'm actually already very satisfied with my current online shopping experiences and processes as it is (if you're wondering, I frequently buy from Zalora, Lazada and Uniqlo). 

However, recently I was introduced to ShopBack which enhances my online shopping experience even more! How? Believe it or not, online shopping via ShopBack allows me to earn some cash back. Cashback shopping is a very common thing in other parts of the world, but isn't well known to some of us yet. Just check out some of these deals and how much cashback you can earn!

Is it some kind of scam? Where got so good one? What's the catch? HOW DOES IT WORK? Simple, ShopBack gets commission for referring consumers like us to their vendors (aka our beloved online shopping stores), and shares part of that commission with us. Win, win, win for everyone. In addition, they often have exclusive deals too! If I'm doing an awful job explaining, check out this informative video:

With ShopBack, you can use Zalora vouchers and earn cashback, discover Aliexpress coupon codes daily, and many more! Everything is consolidated in ShopBack, you don't have to search the Internet for coupons for different stores anymore. How to use ShopBack?

The terms to note for each store are all laid out very in ShopBack itself, so as long as you take a second to read, you'll find info such as the cashback rates, conditions for bonus rate and promotions for each store. 

ShopBack is the best site for earning cashback online, why not give it a try especially now that Father's Day is around the corner? Your Father's Day shopping will definitely be more fulfilling with extra savings and deals! Shopback even have the stores by categories such as Fashion, Electronics, Travel, F&B etc. so you're bound to find something that your dad fancies. 

They even have a referral program where you can earn money through referrals - and that's what I'm doing, so.. a little help yeah? ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Click here and sign up for ShopBack now! 


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