Women's Dress Types for the Workplace.

Gone were the days when working women wear suit jackets with shoulder pads, long four button jackets and loose trousers. How then should us ladies dress for work? Dressing the part at work is always important as it shows not only your taste of style but also your personality. 

A safe bet would be... DRESSES! Dresses are always the best choice for career ladies to flaunt at the workplace - feminine yet fashionable. But there are so many types of dresses these days, so what are the types of women’s dress designs that are appropriate and perfect for the work setting? Being too sexy is a big no-no, but of course we still want to appear amazingly beautiful for confidence at the office. Here are some of the choices of dresses that every Miss Independent must have in her closet! 

1. Bodycon Dress

If you want that extra boost of confidence at work, bodycon dress should be a must-have piece in your wardrobe. The fitted design hugs you curves nicely and you will definitely feel that sexy feeling in it. Besides that, bodycon dress has that sophisticated touch when worn with a nice pair of high heels. 

2. Maxi Dress

My go-to dress when I want to feel comfy. For the career ladies who prefer a more modest appearance and still feel comfortable, maxi dress should do it. There are a wide range of stylish maxi dresses which you could choose from depending on your style. Not only that, you can rock the maxi dress as a day-to-night outfit with ease. Simply dress it up or down with statement accessories!

3. The A-line Dress

My personal favorite! If you prefer a feminine look at the office, the A-flare dresses has the combination of sweetness and elegance to it which makes it great to be worn at the work place. Choose from the many designs of A-line dress available in the market from plain coloured, prints, laces or floral patterns. If you're afraid it might look overly casual, just throw on a good cardigan or blazer and you're set!

Now, go seize the day looking great and feeling confident! What are some of your favorite dresses to wear to the workplace?


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